Modified Services Schedule

March 13, 2020

The Elders at West Side have been discussing how to best protect everyone at West Side during this outbreak of the COVID-19 virus that is understood to be a potentially deadly virus. While we know that our God is more powerful than any virus, we also know that our God expects His people to use sound judgment.

Given that Gov. DeWine has issued a ban on many public gatherings (excluding worship, weddings, and funerals) the Elders believe it is prudent to make some adjustments to our schedule of activities. Beginning on Sunday March 15, the church will meet for Sunday morning worship at 10:30 a.m. ONLY. There will be no Bible classes, no potlucks, no evening services, and no small groups. There will be no Wednesday Bible classes until the public health risk has been lifted. This schedule will continue until the public health threat is over. According to most authorities this will be mid-April or a little later. This will probably affect our potluck schedule and Bible class/worship schedule into mid to late April as well.

While we regret having to make such a decision, we believe it to be the wise decision to keep everyone as safe as much as depends on us. We ask each of you to pray for all those suffering with this disease. Many have died and many more are ill. Pray for all those putting themselves at risk in caring for those who are sick. Pray that God will remove this virus immediately so we can get back to our normal schedule. If you have any questions reach out to any of the Elders.

In His Service,

Earl, Brad, Paul, and Mike

Photo supplied by Freely.  Thank you!