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02-09-20PM A Burden For Souls (Audio) (Text)

02-09-20AM Is fear healthy (Audio) (Text)

02-02-20AM (Audio)

01-26-20PM What Motivates Us to Evangelize (Audio) (Text)

01-26-20AM Happy New Year (Audio) (Text)

01-19-20AM G I G O (Audio) (Text)

01-12-20PM (Audio)

01-12-20AM (Audio)

01-05-20AM (Audio)

12-29-19PM Paul In Rome – The End of A Great Man (Audio) (Text)

12-29-19AM Choose (Audo) (Text)

12-22-19PM (Audio)

12-22-19AM (Audio)

12-15-19AM Deacons 2019 (Audio) (Text)

12-08-19PM He knew what He had to do (Audio) (Text)

12-08-19AM Beyond These Walls (Audio) (Text)

12-01-19AM God Does Understand (Audio) (Text)

11-24-19PM Developing Spiritual Confidence (Audio) (Text)

11-24-19AM Dealing With Denial (Audio) (Text)

11-17-19AM Christians First (Audio) (Text)

11-10-19PM Building the Body With an Attitude of Gratitude (Audio) (Text)

11-10-19AM Trust – Obey – Pray (Audio) (Text)

11-03-19AM BURNED OUT CHRISTIANS (Audio) (Text)

10-27-19PM 20 20 vision (Audio) (Text)

10-27-19AM The Right Attitude (Audio) (Text)

10-20-19PM Motivation (Audio) (Text)

10-20-19AM Indifference (Audio) (Text)

09-13-19PM Apostasy (Audio) (Text)

09-13-19AM Endurance (Audio) (Text)

10-06-19PM Parable of the Yeast (Audio)

10-06-19AM Let Me Tell You About My Father (Audio)

09-29-19AM Duty of Elders (Audio) (Text)

09-22-19PM Give me this mountain (Audio) (Text)

09-22-19AM I’ll Keep It Short (Audio) (Text)

09-15-19PM (Audio)

09-15-19AM Elders Qualifications 3  (Audio) (Text)

09-08-19PM friendship evangelism (Audio) (Text)

09-08-19AM Church Leadership Elders Lesson Two (Audio) (Text)

09-01-19PM Draw Near To God (Audio) (Text)

09-01-19AM Church Leadership Elders Lesson 1 (Audio) (Text)

08-25-19PM Great Number of Priests (Audio) (Text)

08-25-19AM Selecting Elders – 2 (Audio) (Text)

08-18-19PM The Blessing of Adoption (Audio) (Text)

08-18-19AM Choosing Elders – 1 (Audio) (Text)

08-11-19PM 4 Pictures of Water Baptism (Audio) (Text)

08-11-19AM What Do You Say To Jesus (Audio) (Text)

08-04-19PM How Salvation Works (Audio) (Text)

08-04-19AM Are You Going To Heaven (Audio) (Text)

07-28-18PM (Audio)

07-28-18AM (Audio)

07-21-19PM Witnessing (Audio) (Text)

07-21-19AM Get to Know the Tree (Audio) (Text)