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08-25-19PM Great Number of Priests (Audio) (Text)

08-25-19AM Selecting Elders – 2 (Audio) (Text)

08-18-19PM The Blessing of Adoption (Audio) (Text)

08-18-19AM Choosing Elders – 1 (Audio) (Text)

08-11-19PM 4 Pictures of Water Baptism (Audio) (Text)

08-11-19AM What Do You Say To Jesus (Audio) (Text)

08-04-19PM How Salvation Works (Audio) (Text)

08-04-19AM Are You Going To Heaven (Audio) (Text)

07-28-18PM (Audio)

07-28-18AM (Audio)

07-21-19PM Witnessing (Audio) (Text)

07-21-19AM Get to Know the Tree (Audio) (Text)



07-07-19PM Exalted or Humbled (Audio) (Text)

07-07-19AM The Golden Rule (Audio) (Text)

06-30-19AM Ask – Seek – Knock (Audio) (Text)

06-23-19PM What Is Hope (Audio) (Text)

06-23-19AM Judging (Audio) (Text)

06-16-19PM Faith That Will Last (Audio) (Text)

06-16-19AM A Dad Like Noah (Audio) (Text)

06-09-19PM There Is A God (Audio) (Text)

06-09-19AM What – Me Worry (Audio) (Text)

06-02-19PM Prepare to Meet God (Audio) (Text)

06-02-19AM Treasure (Text)

05-26-19PM (Audio)

05-26-19AM (Audio)

05-19-19PM Temptation (Audio) (Text)

05-19-19AM Right in The Middle (Audio) (Text)

05-12-19PM Last Words From Peter (Audio) (Text)

05-12-19AM Mothers Day 2019 (Audio) (Text)

05-05-19PM (Audio)

05-05-19AM ALERT (Audio)

04-07-19PM Let Your Yes be yes (Audio) (Text)

04-07-19AM Are You A Credible Christian (Audio) (Text)

03-31-19PM Give Us A King (Audio) (Text)

03-31-19AM Marriage Divorce Remarriage (Audio) (Text)

03-24-19PM (Audio)

03-24-19AM Will You Ever Grow Up (Audio) (Text)

03-17-19PM Are You Blessed or Stressed (Audio) (Text)

03-17-19AM Paul was weak and fearful (Audio) (Text)

03-10-19PM Excuses (Audio) (Text)

03-10-19AM An Old Soldier Of The Cross Went Home (Audio) (Text)

03-03-19PM Get Involved In Edification (Audio) (Text)

03-03-19AM Inside vs Outside part 2 (Audio) (Text)

02-24-19PM How to Keep a Church on Fire (Audio) (Text)

02-24-19AM Inside vs Outside pt 1 (Audio) (Text)

02-17-19PM hazards of faith (Audio) (Text)

02-17-19AM Jesus on The Old Testament (Audio) (Text)

02-10-19PM Calling Names (Audio) (Text)

02-10-19AM Salt and Light pt 2 (Audio) (Text)

02-03-19PM Seek First the Kingdom of God lesson 1 (Audio) (Text)

02-03-19AM Light and Salt lesson 1 (Audio) (Text)

01-27-19PM Remember Lots Wife (Audio) (Text)

01-27-19AM The Last Ten Years (Audio) (Text)

01-13-19PM Let Us Forgive One Another (Audio) (Text)

01-13-19AM Blessed Are The Persecuted (Audio) (Text)

01-06-19PM Classic Christianity 55 Chevy (Audio) (Text)

01-06-19AM Blessed Are The Peacemakers (Audio) (Text)

12-30-18PM ATONEMENT (Audio) (Text)

12-30-18AM Fellowship (Audio) (Text)

12-23-18PM (Audio)

12-23-18AM I Can Do It Myself (Audio) (Text)

12-16-18PM Hebrews 6 (Audio)  (Text)

12-16-18AM Blessed Are the Pure In Heart (Audio)  (Text)

12-09-18PM Gods Abundant Mercy (Audio) (Text)

12-09-18AM Blessed are the Merciful (Audio) (Text)

12-02-18PM God’s Abundant Grace (Audio) (Text)

12-02-18AM blessed are those who hunger and thirst (Audio) (Text)

11-25-18PM The Word of Life (Audio) (Text)

11-25-18AM Sermon On The Mount Lesson 2 (Audio) (Text)

11-18-18PM Winning The Inner Conflict (Audio) (Text)

11-18-18AM Thanksgiving (Audio) (Text)

11-11-18PM (Audio)

11-11-18AM (Audio)

11-04-18PM ROMANS (Audio) (Text)

11-04-18AM Encouraged or Discouraged (Audio) (Text)

10-28-18PM It’s About Time, pt. 2 (Audio) (Text)

10-28-18AM It’s About Time, pt. 1 (Audio) (Text)

10-21-18AM Enthusiasm (Audio) (Text)

10-14-18PM Becoming An Overcomer pt 2 (Audio) (Text)

10-14-18AM Becoming An Overcomer pt 1 (Audio) (Text)

10-07-18PM (Audio)

10-07-18AM (Audio)

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